How Education is Hidden Wealth

“Education is a ray of light in the darkness.” To live a life, In addition to bread, house and clothes, Education is also an essential part of our life.

For becoming fast in developing, a country always tries to find the sharp weapon that can furnish its society’s mind-set to find good skill. Education is the weapon that sharpens the dull and blunt mind of a society. In the country having different cast, creed, religion and region, it is always difficult to have good environment for peace and harmony among values, skills, beliefs and moral habits. Only an education can do it because an educated person having good education becomes the good citizen in the society.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” Nelson Mandela

First step of education is taken within family and its last step goes with the death of a person.

“Learning gives creativity,

Creativity leads thinking,

Thinking provides knowledge,

Knowledge makes you great. “ :- Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam

If you have wealth in the form of properties, rupees, gold and silver, you will always be insecure to be looted but if you have wealth of education, no one can loot it. There are a lot of examples of various persons like William Shakespeare, Albert Einstein, Dr Kalam, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar who made a splash over the world only by having good education. Only Education is the wealth that increases if we expend, unlike the other wealth.

A good personality helps us to be firm towards our task in society and to gain self confidence to achieve our target; And to improve our personality we need to have educational wealth.

So try to collect the wealth of Education.

If you feel stress near exam, follow the given link. How to overcome Exam Fear

By Labh Singh Nain



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