Seems,colours automatically refresh and brighten more themselves after having their touch.

Stars in the skies can lose their charm for someone’s sight, when the brightness of several rainbows on their charm clutch.

Their attack with soft moves spreads their kingdom of beauty to the universe and then orgulous beauty of nature bows to their feet.

Beauty of beautiful lake mid the jungle, covered with density of trees and at night shining with the showering light of the moon, can easily be ignored when they simply click their image in the moon lighted street.

Neither I can share nor blur, the realism of beautification in their heart has dragged me into the pound of literary beauty a lot and so much.

I wanted to compose a lot: unfortunately my literary words surrendered and couldn’t write much.

Labh Singh Nain



Fire of clay stove can put fire to your motivational thoughts

Only the evening talk with your family near the burning fire of clay stove can boost your fire of willingness.

Only the wrinkled, tired and bowed eyes can brighten up your eyes to awareness.



Dense forest of long hair does swing

when smooth hands slowly run through.

Adult gorgeous girl waits for ring

where Hundreds are in line although.

Contrasted forehead reminds the beauty of dawn and spring

There, intensity of multifarious colour can be seen through.

Immense eyes reminds the Empire of Ming

where hundreds of eyes wait for her consent, she waits for special, although.

Natural beauty bows to her when her lips ding.

Sweetness in voice need not any force to run through.

Her smile is massacre for lovers where she waits for a handsome smile although.